The Orthodox Nationalist: Valentine Katasonov and the Occult History of Capitalism

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The Orthodox Nationalist: Valentine Katasonov and the Occult History of Capitalism

От Редакции. Американский медиевист профессор Мэтью Рафаэль Джонсон кратко представляет взгляд Председателя РЭОШ В.Ю. КАТАСОНОВА на капитализм на сайте The Daily Stormer.

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson represents the views of Cahairman of Russian Economic Society on The Daily Stormer site.

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson begins by talking about Willis Carto and Michael Collins Piper, how they influenced him, how honoured he was to work with them and how he hopes to continue what they started now they are gone.

Then, after a brief warning about paying too much reverence to the name of a person rather than to what they have to say, the rest of the presentation looks at the history of oligarchy and capitalism, concentrating on the Russian economist Valentin Katasonov (he erroneously refers to him as “Vladimir” at the beginning of the show. Vladimir Katasonov is also a philosopher of some repute. Its an easy mistake to make). As an economist, Katasonov is a historian concerned with the development of not only capitalism, but the “capitalist idea.” Capitalism is a state of mind as much as it is a state of affairs. Largely untranslated from Russian, he’s known only to those who can speak the language. However, he is influential in nationalist and anti-globalist circles.

In this podcast, Katasonov’s ideas on the development of the modernist idea are analyzed in detail. The Eurasianist conception of history posits the confrontation of the “Atlanticist” versus the “Eurasian,” that is, the sea versus the land empire. These are not just facts of geography, but facts of ideology as well.

Capitalism is based on imperialism. This is to say, imperialist governments had to exist prior to capitalism and industrialization. This is because only through the large-scale exploitation of entire nations could the surplus value exist to create industry. Immense sums were needed to create even the rudimentary infrastructure for industrialization. Only empires could afford this. There was never a “national” economy in the industrial world. It was always and inherently internationalist.

Katasonov was born in 1950 and graduated from the Moscow State University’s Institute of International Economic Relations in 1972 in the area of foreign trade.

He worked as a financial expert for the UN (1991), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (1993-1996), World Bank (1995-2000), as well as an economic adviser to the Bank of Russia (2000-2010). For 10 years (2000-2010) he headed the department of international monetary relations MGIMO. He was once a part of the establishment’s financial structure, but now he denounces it.



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